Indian Retail Ecosystem

India’s domestic retail economy consists 90% of the unorganized sector comprising of Retailers & SME's offering various products & services. India’s retail economy is estimated to cross $1200 billion and the FMCG economy in Semi Urban and rural sector is set to reach $150 billion by 2025. With the rapid rate of internet penetration & digital adoption, online retail experience is a high growth opportunity. The online consumer base increasingly comes from newer regions and factors besides price are emerging as key differentiators for retailers. Merchants in the rural landscape face multiple challenges due to factors like:

  • Reduced Customer Walk-ins
  • Limited Capital & Product Availability
  • Lack of Customer Data & Infrastructure
  • Lack of Knowledge, Skills & Training
  • Higher Investment & Competition
  • Rise of Online presence of competition.

The Retailer-Customer relationship of a retail store in the rural landscape is a key factor for the consumer base to define purchase and provide a traffic pattern for the retailer's & SME'S to provide products & services.

The challenges faced by rural customers in the context of online purchase are:
  • Trust and comfort of direct touch & feel purchase is absent in online purchase.
  • Relationship-based buying is absent in online buying model.
  • Lack of credit facility.
  • Incompatibility with App-based purchase and payment model.
  • Language barriers.
  • Limited physical visibility of brands in the local market place and glut of brands on the online marketplace.
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