The Indian offline retail ecosystem currently comprises of 12 million SME retail stores serving over a billion people. Each retail store has the capability to transform into a Digital Hub. BIGWAYZ is looking for enterprise firms and motivated individuals to help redefine the offline retail experience using the BIGWAYZ App to offer a host of products & services. We provide an opportunity for our Partner to generate revenue and an ecosystem of products & service offerings with a team of digipreneurs. Join us in our mission to make India "Digitally Fit" and start your journey to become an entrepreneur.

Partner with Bigwayz for:

  • 1 Offer a wide range of products & services.
  • 2 Minimal investment & easy setup of ecosystem.
  • 3 Focused induction & product training program.
  • 4 Team Building & Coaching Support.
  • 5 Wide range of marketing tools for seamless market penetration.
  • 6 Quick merchant onboarding process through instant KYC and earn with your growing network.
  • 7 Exciting Rewards & Recognition Programs.

Simple Steps to be part of Bigwayz & earn more:

  • 1 Contact us for Bigwayz Invitation link.
  • 2 Download bigwayz app.
  • 3 Register & Upload KYC documents.
  • 4 Onboard retailers to BIGWAYZ.
  • 5 Expand your network and start earning.

Contact us to receive the BIGWAYZ Invitation Link.